Welcome to the Global From Asia Supplier Directory. This is a directory for Hong Kong service providers from CPAs and other agencies who can help you with your company setup and upkeep.

Why did we make this directory?

Sure, there are plenty of directories on the internet – but not many for e-commerce ready factories here in China. We constantly get people asking us for recommendations on which e-commerce supplier they should work with. And if this factory was good or not. They wanted to see who else had worked with them and if there was any feedback on the production and fulfillment service.

We couldn’t find this anywhere! Sure there are some listings sites, but they didn’t give enough details, and didn’t let the community leave honest reviews about their experience with the factory.

So here you are – we have answered your call and have a directory for you to find a supplier you’d like to work with. You can also link them to your friends and help promote good e-commerce ready factories in China.

This is one thing we have found – factories are so busy and have trouble keeping up with their client’s requests. So let’s work hard to find those who are doing the best service there is out there.

What makes the Global From Asia Supplier Directory special from all the rest?

We love our events, and we love making content. This directory has those qualified suppliers we have met at events, as well as in our content series. On top of having as much information and intimate details about the suppliers in this directory, we also are highlighting select suppliers on a featured content series.

How Does This Featured Supplier Series Work?
Over the years, we have heard from both sides – the Chinese supplier side as well as on the Western seller side – they want to meet more qualified business owners to help them grow their businesses. They need each other.

Our love for content creation is built in our DNA. And by writing up their story and what they are looking for, we will take select suppliers and feature them with a countdown.

Wait – A Countdown? For What?

This featured Chinese supplier series isn’t just for fun show and tell. IT IS ABOUT TAKING ACTION.

And time is money. These suppliers are looking for a specific purpose in business – new distributors in overseas markets, more drop shippers, more OEM clients, and other things. We will explain what they are looking for in this featured supplier series and give a deadline for people to submit.

In a way, it is like a business partner matchmaking system. And time is money we need to make it happen right away.

Bookmark the Supplier Featured Series To Build Your Relationships

Let’s make this happen – not just reading and consuming content – but taking action and making business deals. We hope you start to use this GFA Supplier Series as your go to place to make new supplier relationships and grow your business product line and diversify with various quality suppliers.

Open To Your Feedback and Suggestions

We want to make this a win-win-win relationship to help you find qualified suppliers who are willing to work in the new way of doing business.